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“My family and I went to Magic Kingdom for our first time and Universal (also our first time) and our VIP guide was absolutely fantastic. We had kids ranging from ages 6 to 16, and she moved us around the park during Easter week with large crowds as if we owned the place. I honestly don’t think I could ever go to one of these parks on my own. It was worth every penny and more. Kudos to the concierge back in the office for their help from minute one until the end. The entire team at My VIP tour is excellent. Trust me you will not be disappointed!”

Neil, New York, NY

“I am a Disney fanatic, and I love planning Disney vacations (including planning which rides and when). So I had always wondered if investing in a VIP guide was worth it, and if it would really make that much of a difference given that I actually like the planning part. Unequivocal YES to both questions! I will never do WDW again without My VIP Tour and, in particular, Katie on the front end of the trip and our phenomenal guide for the parks.”

Marisa, Chicago, IL

Our family of 11, including our five grandchildren from ages 5-10, made our first trip to Disney last week. The trip was amazing and far surpassed all of our expectations thanks to MY VIP Tours and our two incredible guides. Between fast passes and the guides’ knowledge of the park, we never waited in line for more than 10-15 minutes. We all loved them, especially my granddaughters. I had not planned to go on many of the rides, but they urged me to give most of them a try, carefully noting what was involved. With their encouragement, I truly participated in the experience and had a blast.

Mendelsohn Family, Hartford, CT

We have returned from our Disney Orlando experience this July to the real world and it is easy to say that using My VIP was THE highlight of our trip to the east coast of the US from Sydney, Australia. The communication in advance and during, their organization, charisma and good manners and their commitment to sharing their tips and tricks (their intellectual property) for how to get the most out of your Disney experience was everything and more that I was hoping for. You truly couldn't ask for more. I loved just following our guide around and not have to look at a map or figure out which way to go, which ride to be at, which attraction not to miss. I felt like a kid instead of the responsible adult. Would never do Disney without My VIP again. Thank you so much for making sure that we had the kind of experience at Disney that we all dream about. Fun, easy, magical and memorable.

Castle Hill, Australia

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