VIP Services

A trip to Disneyland is a nostalgic pilgrimage to many Disney lovers’ favorite park. Although there are some similarities with the Disney World resort in Orlando, there are key differences. There are two parks, and both must be visited.

Our trip planners can walk you through the Genie+ system used by Disneyland to ensure you zoom through the desert riding in Lightning McQueen or rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy on Mission Breakout. We can plan the highlights of both parks to ensure you don’t miss a detail while on your own pace.


This is the land of enchantment where all the magic started, and Disney fans say they can just feel the spirit of Walt Disney when they visit. It’s a must for every park-loving family. Though many rides resemble Disney World’s, here guests can enjoy unique experiences like the original Snow White adventure, the yeti-guarded Matterhorn or dive deep into the Temple of the Forbidden Temple with Indiana Jones.

Disney California Adventure Park

California Adventure Park hosts some of the most popular rides at Disneyland, so don’t overlook this sister park. Race with Lightning McQueen at Radiator Springs Racers, experience California from above in Soarin’, and enjoy the new attractions at Pixar Pier.

There’s a VIP experience waiting for you.