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What to Bring to Disney World Parks

It might surprise you that spending a day at Walt Disney World Resort requires a lot of precision planning. However, if you want to make the most of your day, packing the right things can save you money and time. It will of course all come down to your individual needs, but know what to bring to Disney World parks is essential. Below is a list of what to bring to Disney World parks.

What to Bring to Disney World Parks

What Bag Should I Bring?

The first thing is to decide what kind of bag to take. It really depends on if you are just catering to yourself, or if you need stuff for your family as well. Backpacks and fanny packs work well for this. Both bags are easy to carry and can store many items such as: a phone, wallet, and other essential items.

Must Haves

Sun block is a most in the Florida sun. Rather than toting around a big family-sized bottle, it is a good idea to use a 12-hour lotion first thing in the morning before you leave, then bring a small, travel-sized bottle in the parks with you.

What to Bring to Disney World Parks

If you are taking kids with you, hand sanitizer and baby wipes are a must. Not only do kids have the tendency to get messy, there are so many germs that can be picked up just by touching restroom doors or handrails. Anti-bacterial wipes are great for wiping down tables, and normal baby wipes are perfect for wiping those sticky hands and faces. Tissues are also something you will need as well, or grabbing a few extra napkins from restaurants works, too.

A mini-first aid kit is another valuable item to have. You can carry it in a zip-lock bag or small container. In it you should include Band-aids, ibuprofen, indigestion tablets, body spray or a small deodorant to freshen up, and cleansing wipes.

Additional Items

Whether you have a scheduled Disney tour or are planning a Disney tour for your family, an autograph book is a great idea to bring with you. Make sure you bring thick sharpies since many of the characters need an easy writing utensil to use. You can find official Disney autograph books at the parks, use a regular notebook, or even create your own, personalized ones. These are one of the many great souvenirs that you can get from the park.

As you plan your vacation it is essential that you are looking the weather for the days you will be visiting Disney World. You might want a light jacket or cardigan for the mornings and evenings. You may eve use these items indoors, since during the summer the A/C is often kept at a cold temperature. It also may be in your best interest to bring an umbrella for two reasons: a wet, rainy day and for a bright, very sunny day. A plastic poncho may also be a great idea for rides with water or for a rainy day to help keep you dry or a stroller that you may have with you.

What to Bring to Disney World Parks

Lastly, sunglasses and hats are needed to protect your face, eyes, and head for the hot sun. Plenty of water is needed to stay hydrated, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. You can bring one reusable bottle for each person and keep refilling them at the water fountains that you can find around the park. Snacks are also a good idea if you have little ones. Waiting in long lines can be a drag for children, so having snacks to keep them preoccupied is a great idea.

Hopefully you now know what to bring to Disney World Parks. With the right items on hand you are sure to have an exquisite time with whomever you go to Disney World with. If you would like more advice on what Disney World has in-store, My VIP Tour has professionals that are able to answer any of your Disney questions.


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