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What Are the Best Things to do on a Disney Cruise?

Magic plus fun — that’s what Disney cruises are all about. No matter your age, a Disney cruise is like no other; it caters to your expectations of what a cruise should deliver. Disney cruises offer various entertainment options, gourmet food, and character meet-ups. In fact, the list of what are the best things to do on a Disney cruise is so long you could easily miss some items. What to do on a Disney cruise? We’ll share some of the best below.

Marvel at a Live Show

What are the best things to do on a Disney cruise? Well, if you’re a huge fan of live stage shows, you surely wouldn’t want to miss the Broadway-caliber Disney cruise shows offered on Disney cruises. Some cruise ships even cast New York-based Broadway actors in the shows.

What to Do on A Disney Cruise
What to Do on A Disney Cruise

Try the AquaDuck

The land has Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom, while the sea has Disney’s AquaDuck! As silly as it sounds, trying the AquaDuck might just be one of the most thrilling and memorable experiences you’ll have at sea. If you want to ride this water coaster, make sure to book on either the Disney Fantasy or Disney Dream.

Relax at the Spa

Indulge in various treatments at the spa aboard the cruise ship. Any treatment will feel like you’re at Aulani and allow you to use the private hot tub and heated loungers. Take note, all these with an ocean view!

Run a 5K

So you’ve landed at the private Disney island, Castaway Cay. What to do on a Disney cruise? Here’s a suggestion: spend time getting a bit of exercise by signing up to join the Castaway Cay 5K. You get to explore and enjoy the island and receive a plastic medal as a souvenir after.

Encourage the Kids to Participate

Going on a cruise with kids or teens? Let them join the clubs! Sure, it can be intimidating at first, but the Disney staff does an awesome job of making sure the kids adapt and feel like they belong to the point that they’ll never want to leave.

Wait for the Fireworks Display

When it comes to fireworks, no one does it better than Disney. Although it comes pretty late, the fireworks Disney cruise shows at the sea are rewarding and a memorable experience that can last for a lifetime.

Bring to Life Some Disney Cruise Pirate Night Ideas

No, it’s not cringey! In fact, you’ll see people of all ages come up with Disney cruise pirate night ideas. On Pirate Night, you’ll receive a pirate bandana to wear. Expect two fun deck shows as well — one with Mickey and the other with Jack Sparrow.

Things to Do on A Disney Cruise
Things to Do on A Disney Cruise

Join the ‘Sailing Away’ Party

Disney throws a number of parties, and each time they do, make sure you attend because it will be festive and fun. One of the things to do on a Disney cruise is joining the Sailing Away deck party, where Mickey Mouse and his friends own the stage and everyone dancing along.

Participate in a Fish Extender Exchange

Make new friends by joining a simple gift exchange with other families/guests. These Disney cruise activities can be an opportunity for you to teach kids the joy of giving and receiving tokens.

The list of answers to what are the best things to do on a Disney cruise is endless, but here are some of the lesser-known ones that are equally interesting and fun. Once you’re onboard a Disney cruise ship, don’t forget to try these Disney cruise activities or the Disney holiday highlights yourself!


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