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Proper planning and knowing the geographic information is most important while going on any trip. Especially if the location is fairly busy year round. Orlando can offer you wonderful moments, therefore planning ahead of time is necessary so you can make the most out of your vacation. Read further to get the best tips for Universal Studios Orlando.

Tips for Universal Studios Orlando


Purchase Universal Express Pass


While at Universal Studios Orlando you will most likely experience long lines for rides. Therefore it is a good idea to purchase a Universal Express Pass. Purchasing this pass will allow you to skip the line and overall enhance your experience.


Just like the passes at different Disney World parks, these express passes apply to certain parks. You can purchase them either online or once you get to the park.


Stay at a Universal Orlando ResortTips for Universal Studios Orlando


There are many perks that come with stay at a Universal Orlando Resort. When you are a guest at a Universal Orlando Resort you have several benefits on no cost:


  • – Free Universal Express Pass if you stay at Portofino Bay, Hard Rock Hotel, or Royal Pacific Resort. But it only let you skip few notable rides.
  • – Early access to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter an hour before the general public.
  • – Get priority seating for on-property restaurants.
  • – Everything your purchase in the park gets delivered to your room.


Use a Small Backpack


Small backpacks are perfect for Universal Studios Orlando. Backpacks allow you to carry extra items like hand sanitizer or a gift from the gift shop without, without having to carry it by hand. Again, if you are staying at a resort near-by, they can always ship your new purchased items to your hotel room.


Plan Your Route


Prior to getting to the park make sure you look at a map of Universal Studios. This will help you navigate easily throughout the park. Also, make sure you take a look at which rides you would most likely want to ride and create a schedule to ensure you hit every ride you would like. Being prepared with a schedule will ensure that you get the most out of your Universal Studios Orlando trip.


Wear Your Best Sneakers


Since Universal parks are very large, it is essential that you wear comfortable footwear. Since you’ll be walking around for hours, wear sneakers that have nice padding, this way you can prevent your feet from hurting.


Hopefully these tips for Universal Studios Orlando help you with your next vacation. Always come prepared and make sure you plan accordingly. My VIP Tours offers great solutions for anyone looking for a Floridian getaway.