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The Boathouse Disney Springs – Review

Easily, one of the most enjoyable things about traveling to Walt Disney World is exploring all of the amazing restaurants it has to offer. From casual character breakfasts to exquisite fine dining, WDW offers some of the best eateries in Orlando.

One of our favorite, and highly recommended, restaurants is The Boathouse, located at Disney Springs. From the moment you enter The Boathouse, your dining reservation will turn into an unforgettable experience that your family will remember for many years to come.

From the beautiful Amphicar theater dock and lighthouse shop, to boat captains awaiting your arrival, and of course an exceptional array of food and drinks, you will truly feel like a VIP.

The Boathouse boasts a nautical ambiance and features three large beverage bars, including a floating dock set on the waterfront outside. There are four different dining areas that you can explore with little pops of character in each room including paddles, oars, and even booth seating in real antique boats.

One of the most impressive visuals at The Boathouse is the Oyster Bar featured in the very front of the restaurant (and yes, of course we tried them!)

The fresh oysters are shipped in daily from Blue Point, Connecticut and Martha’s Vineyard and are served with a choice of cocktail sauce and cucumber mignonette. The cocktail sauce paired well with the Oyster if you’re looking for a more traditional taste. The cucumber mignonette, however, absolutely blew us away with how well it complemented the Oyster and gave it a really light and refreshing taste.


In order to get the best out of The Boathouse, we asked several employees and managers what were their highest recommendations for appetizers. Two of their favorites were the Hoison Chili Calamari, and The Yellowfin Tuna Poke.

The Hoison Chili Calamari was by far our favorite. The Calamari was mixed with Bell Peppers, Jalapeños, and topped with a Serrano-Chili glaze. The Calamari had a melt in your mouth texture and without being overpowering, the Jalapeño Serrano-Chili sauce adds tons of flavor and a big kick for those who like some spice.


The Yellowfin Tuna Poke was incredibly refreshing and served on top of an Avocado and Mango mixture, drizzled in a soy lime vinaigrette. The dish was very light and refreshing, which was a great appetizer to pair with the fried Calamari.  The Poke was served with three large crisps, so we asked for more which was no problem at all.


For entrees, we chose two different dishes: The Jumbo Crab Cake, and the Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos.

The Jumbo Crab Cake did not disappoint, and was gone in a matter of minutes at our table. A major recommendation by several of The Boathouse employees, the Crab Cake is stuffed full of fresh lump crab meat and served with coleslaw and tartar sauce. With such a large portion, it is easily shareable— which we shared between the four of us.


The Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos are wild-caught fish, rubbed with Jerk Spice with Avocado, Serrano Chili Cream Sauce, and Crisp Vegetable Slaw. We thoroughly enjoyed how simple these Taco’s were. The Jerk Spice was super flavorful while the Avocado and Coleslaw were light, but tasty, complements. Again, the Mahi Mahi Tacos were great for sharing, with three delicious tacos served on one plate.


Overall, we were all extremely satisfied with the quality of our dishes served to us at The Boathouse. Every dish had such delectable flavors, and were presented beautifully. The Boathouse really brings the elegance and beauty to food plating and design, while keeping the food really sharable, tasty, and flavorful.

Aside from the exceptional food, beverages, and service, The Boathouse also offers guests some fantastic options to enjoy after dinner – for a price of course. We chose a ride in their world-famous Amphicars, from their Amphicar Theatre. The Boathouse is the only place in the world that offers this tour, which truly makes it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.




Directly to the left of the restaurant, The Amphicar Theatre holds 8 brightly colored cars that both drive on land, and work as boats in the water. These Amphicars were built in Germany in the mid 1960s and are among the rarest cars in the world—with only approximately 300 left.

We took a ride on the 20-minute Amphicar experience, and it exceeded our expectations. We were welcomed by our very own Boathouse Captain, Adrian, who introduced himself and told us a little bit about the cars before driving us down the ramp and right into the water. The ride takes you on an adventure between Disney Springs and Saratoga Springs. Throughout the ride, our Captain gave us some interesting history and pointed out special landmarks, including a 200 year old boat docked behind the restaurant.


A truly amazing experience, the Amphicars bring together the whole feel of being on your own private lake house.

It is clear to see why The Boathouse is more than just a restaurant. It continues to be a top selection among guests and employees at Disney Springs. A quick bite to eat turns into a culinary journey and a fun night out turns into an unforgettable experience enjoyed by all ages.

My VIP Tour Review:

Rating: 5 Stars!

Where: Disney Springs

Hours: 11am-11pm

Cost: $$$ $30-$60 per guest

Disney Dining Plan not accepted

Beverages: Full bar (wine by the glass from $10)

Attire: Casual

Attractions : Amphicar Rides ($125 per group of 4), Italian Water Taxi ($75 per person – includes champagne and chocolate covered strawberries)

Call: (407) 939 2628


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