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My VIP Tour makes your time at Disney stress free and fun.

Planning any trip to Disney World has become more difficult, especially during peak times like Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer, and springtime school breaks. Because no matter how much time and effort you put into planning a trip for your family—every other family is doing the same thing—especially, since the introduction of Disney’s Fast Pass. This is why it makes sense to turn your trip over to a Disney World “My VIP Tour” guide.

Four Ways Your Disney World VIP Tour Guide Makes Your Trip More Fun and Relaxing.

My VIP Tour Disney 2

Kids having fun at Disney in Orlando with Anna from Frozen

1. A Disney World VIP Tour Guide gets you onto all of the attractions with minimal wait times. While most families can only select three fast pass attractions your Disney Tour Guide will get you onto all of the rides with 5-10 minute waits. Want to meet your children’s favorite characters without the long lines? Your Disney VIP Guide will set up meet and greets throughout the day.

Visiting Cinderella at Disney Orlando

Cinderella visit at Disney

As a bonus, our guides will tell your family where the camera is located on of all of the rides, so everyone can smile a great big smile at exactly the right time. Smiling at the right time gives your family great photographic memories to take home.

2. Our Private Disney VIP Tour Guides will help you get the best seats for some of the biggest shows. Why is this important? Because sitting in the right place increases the chances of being pulled up on stage during the show.  Getting on stage is a wonderful memory that you can all smile and laugh about for years to come.

Elsa from Frozen

Elsa from Frozen My VIP Tour visit

3. Your Private Disney VIP Tour Guide will set up private transportation so you don’t have to worry about parking and finding your car at the end of the day. Your VIP Guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel each morning and your Private VIP Driver will be waiting outside. Your VIP experience starts the minute you set foot outside your resort, not just at the park. Upon request your Disney Tour Guide will even set up private transportation to pick you up from the airport. Just ask and they will deliver.

4. The final benefit of hiring a Disney World VIP Tour Guide is that every one of our “My VIP Tour” Guides knows special tricks that maximize every Disney World ride, show, dinner, and fireworks display experience—and so much more.

Our VIP Tour Guides reduce your stress—-so all your family has to do is to sit back, relax and have fun!

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