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Janci Family VIP Tour Experience

The Janci Family

Nothing makes us happier than to hear that our services helped to create a seamless, stress-free experience. Over the last year we have built a special relationship with Ron Janci and he always has nothing but the kindest and most positive things to say about his time with us and his grandchildren. Not only did Ron and his family get to fit as much as possible into their quick trip to Orlando, but they created special memories that will last a lifetime. See below to hear more about Ron and his family’s experience and how their trip with us compared to past Disney World trips.

MVT: Most grandparents say that Disney vacations are all about the grandchildren, but what are some ways that YOU enjoyed the parks? As a grandparent, what did your VIP guide do to ensure that you were having an easy, stress-free experience with your grandchildren?

Ron Janci: We took our children to DisneyWorld 6 times when they were younger and were beyond exhausted after each visit. My VIP Tour  – Megan, Austin and Danielle – took all the stress away and this was BY FAR the best trip ever! When everyone in our group of 7 asked me “what’s next” I said “Follow Megan”.

MVT: Disney World is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth” and we can think of many reasons why! Is there a certain attraction that you and your family can’t wait to experience again?

RJ: Pandora Pandora Pandora!!!! Megan did a GREAT job minimizing our wait and the ride was fantastic!

MVT: Between My VIP Tour and its affiliate company Katie Bean Travels we are able to create unforgettable experiences like the one you had in Orlando all over the world. Would you find value in using your vacation planning services outside of Orlando?

RJ: Yes – we are going to wait until the threat of the pandemic recedes.

MVT: As parts of the US and other countries begin to open up again, many people are wondering if it’s safe to travel. When do you think you and your family will be ready to vacation again?

RJ: When there is a Covid-19 vaccine.

My VIP Tour: One of our favorite aspects of planning Disney vacations is that while the trips themselves may fly by, we often make vacation memories that last a lifetime. What memory from your trip to Orlando will always make you look back and smile?

RJ: Our two grandchildren recall with GREAT detail and twinkles in their eyes about the ride experiences and Megan (our guide) and Austin.

MVT: What would you say to a friend who was thinking about using My VIP Tour’s vacation planning services for their next trip?

RJ: My VIP Tour is A+++++. They think of EVERYTHING! I would highly recommend them and look forward to our next trip to Disney.

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