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How to Experience Disney Magic at Home

     Fans and future guests were left heartbroken once news broke of the Disney parks closing indefinitely due to the Coronavirus. So many family vacations that had been months of planning in the making had to be cancelled or postponed, which can be difficult news to share to excited little ones. However, the magic of Disney does not need to be completely lost! We have come up with 10 ways for you to turn your own home into “The Most Magical Place on Earth”.

#1 Don Your Favorite Disney Apparel

     Start your Disney day off right by setting out some Disney-themed outfits or costumes the night before. Put on your favorite ears, take out your pin collection lanyard and get ready the same way you normally would for a fun-filled day at one of the parks. If you don’t already own any Disney related items then try to get creative and make your own from what you have laying around!

#2 Virtual Rides

    While you may not be able to experience all of the classic Disney attractions in person right now, thanks to the internet you can still experience them virtually! Check out Virtual Disney World on Youtube and get 360 degree, quality viewing of some of your favorite rides at all 4 parks. Increase the experience more by adding surround sound or additional interactions to stimulate your senses, such as being sprayed with water while watching Splash Mountain. These virtual attractions are also a great way to show little ones that are usually unsure or nervous about riding rides what exactly they would be experiencing to get them prepared for when the parks reopen!

#3 Recreate Your Favorite Ride

     For those with a lot of creative energy, you can take the rides a step further by trying to recreate them yourself at home! Give your stuffed animals the thrill of a lifetime by using whatever materials you have laying around to turn your living room into the newest “It’s a Small World” or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, take your turn at designing your own original ride.

#4 Disney Playlist

     Disney movies are famously known for having some of the best soundtracks that are nearly impossible to get out of your head. Come up with a playlist of some of your top favorites and either have them playing in the background of your day or put together a complete showcase performance! Extra points can be added for recreating the scene while singing along.

#5 Make Some Disney Arts & Crafts

     The internet is full of awesome DIY arts and crafts ideas that are perfect for little ones and adults alike. Check out websites like DIY & Crafts to learn how to create Elsa’s ice palace out of old paper towel and toilet paper rolls or create Nemo and friends out of paper plates. You can also browse Disney’s new Magic Moments website to watch step-by-step tutorials on how to draw some of your favorite Disney characters, like Olaf or Ariel! 

#6 Watch Disney Parade

     Wave to all of your favorite characters and sing along as they pass by on their incredible floats all from the comfort of your couch! There are plenty of videos on Youtube that offer the best seat in the house for Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade, such as the one posted by MouseSteps. Make it even more special by enjoying a classic Disney treat while watching (see below).

#7 Recreate your Favorite Disney Treat

     A day at Disney isn’t complete without a delicious treat, such as a refreshing Dole Whip or a sweet churro. Disney Parks Blog is chalked full of plenty of amazing recipes for snacks or drinks found throughout the 4 parks. Also, Disney recently debuted a new feature on their mobile app called  “Now You’re Cooking” which provides users with simple and easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to create classic sweet treats at home. So far they have only released their fan-favorite Dole Whip recipe, but they are planning to release plenty more so be sure to keep an eye out!

#8 Princess/Prince Makeover

     Give your little ones the full royal treatment by opening up your own DIY Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique salon. Pick out a gown or suit, slick back their hair and add some regal accessories to finish the full look. For a tutorial on how to do the signature princess bun they do in the park be sure to check out B-Bunch’s Youtube tutorial. Don’t forget the pixie dust!

#9 Watch Favorite Disney Movies

     Have everyone pick out their favorite Disney movie and either choose to watch a new one each night or have a full on magical marathon! This is now easier than ever with the newly released streaming service, Disney +. From unforgettable classics to brand new features, such as Onward, there is something for everyone.

#10 Fireworks Dessert Party

     Finish off your magical day the right way with a Fireworks Dessert Party. Save some of the treats you made earlier, or come up with your own arrangement of favorites, and dig in! Follow it up by either projecting the famous Happily Ever After show from The DIS’ Youtube account or by creating your own fireworks spectacular in your backyard.

     As Walt Disney once said, “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever”. As sorrowful as it is for the parks to be closed, this is the perfect chance to put your imagination to the test and create your own personal magical moments that will last a lifetime.

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