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How to Plan a Trip to Disney?

Disney has held a special place in our hearts since the debut of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in 1937.  So, building a memorable experience at the parks is one thing we here at, My VIP Tour, treasure. However, with making those memories calls for planning. How to plan a trip to Disney involves a lot of critical thinking. Although it may seem like a lot of work, there are simple things you can take into consideration when making sure you have the Dream Vacation you’ve been saving up for.

Pick a Park

Disney itself has 11 parks throughout the World, so once you have narrowed the numbers down or have chose a place closer to home, that’s when the real planning begins. Whether you’re having Breakfast with Chip and Dale in Disneyland, Anaheim or trying some slimy, yet, satisfying bugs with Simba in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Florida. The possibilities are endless with the experiences and adventures you can have.

Shows and Parades

Special Events in Disney Parks never run thin. Whether it be a Pirates & Princess parade down Main Street or Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween in October, there are shows and parades for all ages and all characters! Daily events are available within the map they provide you once you enter the Magical World and with Fast Passes, it makes planning around those shows easy when you obviously want to see what Captain Jack Sparrow is up to within The Pirates of the Caribbean!

Fast Passes

How to Plan a Trip to DisneyThe most convenient way of riding your favorite rides, without that 50-minute wait time.

With Fast Passes at Disney Parks, you can reserve a time at which you would like to ride that ride. If Hyperspace Mountain is standing at a 40 to 60-minute wait, like it always is, then run to their fast pass area and grab yourself a ticket for the next available time. Obtaining a Fast Pass can cut your line wait down anywhere from 20 to about 35minutes! Sometimes, you can even have some of that Disney magic and walk on to your favorite ride! However, you’ll want to get the rides with the longest wait times, like the Cars ride in Disney California Adventure or newer more “popular” rides, right as you enter the park.

Disney only produces so many fast passes for certain times and certain rides for the day! So, if you had your eye on Tower of Terror or the new Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission Breakout, make like the Flash to the fast pass line!

Secrets and Tours

A lot of Disney fans or Disney Vacationers don’t really know how much magic is truly behind those walls. From hidden Mickeys throughout the parks or secret Club 33 entrances, with the help from Cast Members or Disney Tours those secrets can be shared with those who truly have a love for all things Disney and not just the rides and beloved Characters. Disney has always been a fan of what they call “Easter Eggs”.  You never know what Characters you’ll see outside of their story book! For Example, I’m sure you can catch Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, taking a dip with the other Mermaids in Peter Pans Flight! The list goes on to Infinity and Beyond!


Disney will forever keep our hearts and minds young. How to plan a trip to Disney is more of an exciting task then daunting. Whether you are more of a go-with-the-flow type of Vacationer or someone with a novel length itinerary. There will always be someone available at the park or even over the phone to possibly help you with those ends you can quite tie together. All in all, Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth, so, no matter what park you may choose. The magic will always be remembered.