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A typical day at Disney World can be quite a workout. While the parks offer numerous attractions and tons of fun to explore, you’ll likely do a lot of walking and more than a little sweating. As such, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Buying water can be a bit expensive, which has many people wondering: Can you bring reusable water bottles into Disney world?

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World

In this post, we’ll address whether you’re allowed to bring reusable water bottles into Disney World. We’ll also highlight some of the drinks you can bring to the park and other useful tips.

What Drinks are You Allowed to Bring?

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World
Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World

Disney World is quite accommodating to all guests, especially if you’re traveling with young children. As such, the parks have a few rules regarding the drinks you’re allowed to bring into the gates. For instance, you’re allowed to pack a bag entirely full of water bottles without an issue. But you’ll want to avoid that. The trick is to pack lightly to avoid having to lug heavy items around a crowded park.

Consider bringing one water bottle per person. Be sure to fill them up before leaving your hotel room because it can easily take up to an hour or more to get through the gates. Although Disney’s fountain water is not the best tasting, you’re allowed to refill the bottles from drinking fountains inside the park. Counter service restaurants will also be happy to give you a cup of ice water upon request.

Bear in mind that glass containers aren’t allowed into Disney World unless they’re baby food jars and other similarly small items. Trying to bring a glass bottle into the park will force you to either return it to your car or hotel or forfeit it at the gate. Be sure to bring only plastic or metal bottles.

What Else Should You Know?

Can You Bring Reusable Water Bottles into Disney World

Orlando weather isn’t always hot, and you can expect some afternoon rain showers. If you go to Disney world between autumn and spring, the mornings and evenings at the parks can be a bit chilly. However, you want to make sure you have some water with you regardless of the weather, because the excitement and exertion of a Disney World trip can be fairly dehydrating. if you need to, consider setting an alarm to remind you to have a water break.

If the day is especially hot, plan your day to spend the afternoon on cooler attractions. Bringing snacks into the parks is also a good idea because the food lines can be long during meal times. You can bring any food you want into the parks provided you don’t use glass containers.

Bottom Line

Can you bring water bottles into Disney world? The short answer is Yes. In fact, you’re allowed to bring as many bottles as you like as long as they’re not made of glass. Consider bringing at least one water bottle per person just to be on the safe side. When it comes to planning a disney trip, our team here at My VIP Tour can help you prepare for a fun time at Disney.