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The Walt Disney World Resort, better known as Disney World is a magical and genuinely enchanting world for all ages. The various themed worlds and resorts offer so much in the form of collectible gifts, and it may be hard to pick just what the best Disney World souvenirs for adults are. The challenge with adults is not only picking souvenirs from the vast collections, but also finding ones an adult would treasure without thinking that they’re too childish. These are a few ideas for the next time you visit Disney World and want to bring home something to remember for someone.

Best Disney World Souvenirs for Adults

Best Disney World Souvenirs for Adults

1. Magic Bands

Magic bands are one of the most eye-catching items you get pretty early on, especially if you are staying at the Disney World resort. They are ideally an accessory which stores all the crucial information for your stay from reservations and receipts to passes, hotel details, and even your shopping. Not only are they handy to save you from a lot of paperwork, they are also well designed and available in many colors.

2. Ghost Pictures from the Haunted Mansion

These photos are a work of art with an added playful element to it. You get to have your photograph taken and then finished off in a hologram style on a larger portrait surface. Depending on the angle you are standing at when facing the photos, the face goes from that of a normal person to that of a ghost in seconds. It makes a great addition to your dining room or walls.

3. Fine Art

You do not have to rely on shifting photos alone. There is indeed fine art on canvas and print based on your favorite characters, as well as stories that have been featured in Disney products over the years. Most of the items are limited releases, and there are also plenty of galleries in Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Visiting these places during art festivals is a great time to do so if you are looking for truly unique items.

4. Genie Lamp

This is a souvenir that will serve as an ode to your childhood and still fulfill décor duties. On the Moroccan side of the resort, you can get your genie lamp among other things like jewelry, textiles, and lamps. These are all items that can add a touch of magic to your room.

5. African Handmade Wood Carving

Souvenirs for your home should not be limited to just paintings and jewelry. Carvings count too and have a more authentic feel than the rest of the items. The Animal Kingdom is the place to go to for excellent wood carved pieces, whether it is statutes or other décor pieces.


Don’t be afraid to go for items with a few child-like aspects because all adults cherish childhood memories and fun too.