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Top 5 Rides for Toddlers at Disney World

Top 5 Rides for Toddlers at Disney World

Top 5 Rides for Toddlers at Disney World

You may be wondering if your toddler is still too young for a trip to Disney World. Well rest assured there is SO much
for the little ones to do and see, there’s never been a better time to seize the day and let them experience the magic.
Here are our top 5 favorites toddler approved rides:

1. Frozen Ever After


This slow moving boat ride may be located in the World Showcase of Epcot, but the moment you hop on you’ll feel like you’re right inside the kingdom of Arendelle, and lucky for you, you’ve arrived just in time for the Winter in Summer celebration! Sing along with all of your favorite Frozen characters while experiencing a few fun twists and turns that will surprise you along the way! As you exit the ride, pop in next door to the Royal Sommerhus and say hello to the royal sisters themselves, Anna & Elsa.

2. Peter Pan’s Flight


This attraction is one of the few rides still remaining from opening day in Magic Kingdom. Board your pirate ship, fly over the Darling family’s home, over old town London, “take the second star to the right, and straight on till morning” where you’ll find Neverland. This gentle and delightful ride is always a family favorite…but be sure to utilize your VIP guide for this one, it has one of the busiest queues in all of Disney World!

3. Dumbo the Flying Elephant


Another family favorite and nostalgic must-do in Magic Kingdom is the Dumbo ride. As children (and even now) this attraction has always stood out to us whenever we think of Disney. Fly high over the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland and feel the wind in your hair! This is the perfect ride for the littlest ones in the group, as well as the oldest. This ride now offers a queue full of games and interactive activities to keep your children occupied while waiting in line. Fun fact: Dumbo was an opening day attraction, and it’s no wonder that it’s still here to this day.

4. Kilimanjaro Safaris


If your little ones are into animals, then this will be an experience to remember! This 20 minute jeep ride in Animal Kingdom will take you on an adventure through their 110 acre African safari. Get up close and personal with over twenty different species of animals such as elephants, lions, crocodiles, and our favorites – the giraffes! The exit of this attraction leads to the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, so if you haven’t gotten your fix of African wildlife yet, you can take a walk on the wild side with gorillas, hippos, monkeys, a variety of birds, and much more!



While Hollywood Studios is generally known for having attractions geared towards older children and adults, they recently opened their newest and most kid-friendly attraction and we couldn’t be anymore excited about it! First, you will be escorted into a room to view Disney’s newest short “Perfect Picnic”, then you board Goofy’s train and are taken through the cutest story featuring classic Mickey Mouse cartoons. This attraction offers a brand new technology called 2 1/2 D (3D without the glasses) which actually makes you feel like you are inside of the cartoons. 

The ride’s trackless vehicles make for an extra smooth experience. Disney seems to be loving this new trackless theme and we do too! You can also experience it on the Rise of the Resistance attraction located in Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge, and on the highly anticipated Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride opening in Epcot soon! 


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How to Prepare for your Upcoming Trip in the New Normal

How to Prepare for your Upcoming Trip in the New Normal

How to Prepare for your Upcoming Trip in the New Normal

With all of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, as well as all of the new rules and procedures being implemented by the theme parks, we have received several questions regarding our guests’ upcoming trips. In an effort to address these questions we have compiled a list of answers to some of the most common topics below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to go back to Disney World?
A: Walt Disney World has done everything in their power to open the parks responsibly. With new operating procedures put into place, extensive new training and limited crowds, Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek believes so (CNN).

Q: What do I need to enter the park?
A: Every guest going to the Disney parks will need to make their own reservation made through the new Disney Park Pass Reservation System AND have a valid theme park ticket matching the selected day(s). Guests with multi-day tickets will need to make separate reservations for each day. 

All four Disney and Universal parks will require a face mask for any guest aged 2 and up to be worn at all times. 

Temperature checks will be taken at  the entrance of each park and any guest with a reading of 100.4 or higher will be asked to leave. 

For more information on the parks’ new rules and procedures be sure to check out our Back in Action blog.

Q: Will my concierge make all of my Park Pass reservations for me?
A: Due to the extensive Terms and Conditions that Disney now requires guests to sign off on, Disney is requiring each guest to make their own reservation. Your concierge will walk you through how to make each of your reservations and will do their best to ensure you are successfully booked for each of your days in the parks.

Q: How can I stay safe during my time at Disney?
A: Disney is strongly encouraging all guests to check-in to their rooms electronically via their My Disney Experience app to avoid contact with the front desk. Once your room is ready, you will receive a notification on your app and can enter your room right away by scanning your magic band or app. You will be automatically checked out of your room on your departure day.

If you have magic bands, your VIP concierge will double check your My Disney Experience account to make sure everyone is linked correctly. Once you arrive, you will be able to link a credit card to your bands, which can be used to make purchases around Disney property. Disney recommends using contactless forms of payment, and the magic bands are so convenient. Gone are the days of having to carry cash and credit cards around the parks!


Q: What transportation options will be available?
A: On Disney property the shuttle buses, trams, boats, and monorails will all be running at limited capacity with social distancing measures in place. Please allow for extra travel time due to any delays.  

Guests staying at Disney resorts and flying in and out of the Orlando International Airport, will still have the opportunity to utilize Disney’s complementary Magical Express shuttle service. If you booked your hotel through our affiliated company, Katie Bean Travels, Katie and her team are happy to set this up prior to your arrival, or you can reach Disney’s Magical Express line at 1 (866) 599-0951. 

If you are looking for a more efficient and private transportation option, we can arrange for your transfers to be set up with our preferred transportation vendor, JLS Exclusive Transportation. Click here to view more on transportation options and policies.

Q: What mask do you reccomend for the parks?
A: All cast members as well as guests over the age of two will be required to wear masks while at the parks and resorts (with the exception of swimming and dining). Disney has released fun, character themed masks which are available to order on the Shop Disney website, and will also be sold at various locations around the Walt Disney World Resort. You can purchase a four pack of these masks for just $19.99. Health.com has also put together a list of the best lightweight masks and face coverings that are perfect for the Florida heat.

Q: What should I pack for my trip to Disney?
A: Aside from packing your new essentials such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, we also recommend bringing light snacks and water bottles, especially if you are hesitant about sitting down and eating inside any of the Disney restaurants. If you would like to stop for more of a sit down breakfast, lunch, or dinner during your VIP tour, your VIP guide will assist with your mobile order at select dining locations. For more packing tips be sure to check out our blog

Our VIP guides will be fully prepared with everything they need to ensure a safe and stress-free experience while you are with them in the parks. They will touch base with you prior to your VIP tour date to go over all of the new safety procedures and answer any last minute questions that you may have.

Q: Should I purchase the Memory Maker?
A: Disney’s PhotoPass photographers will no longer be allowed to handle guest’s phones or cameras to take photos. We recommend purchasing the Memory Maker photo package which is a set price of $169 (when purchased at least three days in advance) and includes digital downloads of all of the photos taken by Disney’s photographers. Be sure to have your park ticket or magic band handy and once your photo is taken, the photographer will scan it quickly and at a safe distance. If you decide against purchasing the Memory Maker and you are comfortable with having your VIP guide take your photos for you, they are more than happy to do so and will send them to you after the tour.

Q: How do I set the right expectations for my children?
A: There’s no denying the experience at the parks will be different, but children have incredible imaginations! The Disney Magic and Universal Adventure will still be there, just in new ways! Check out our blog, It’s Time to Remember the Magic, to see how we intend to make the most of this new normal at the parks. 

We understand you may have additional questions regarding your upcoming trip. Please know we are always here for  you and   We can be reached via email at info@myviptour.com, by phone at (407) 636-2390, or from any of our social media accounts below. 

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Top 10 Rides for Teenagers at Disney World

Top 10 Rides for Teenagers at Disney World

Top 10 Rides for Teenagers at Disney World

As your children get older, do you feel like they’re outgrowing the Disney magic? Are they no longer looking forward to breakfast with Mickey, or no longer wanting a hug and autograph from Cinderella? Well, rest assured there are still plenty of thrill rides at Disney World to keep the older ones entertained, and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites with you!

1. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run


If you’ve been to Hollywood Studios recently, you know that the newest area, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, has been a huge hit to say the least. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, we guarantee that this attraction is unlike anything you’ve ever been on before. It is similar to their Star Tours attraction in the sense that it is a Star Wars themed motion simulator. However, instead of simply sitting in your seat and watching, you get to play your part in flying the Millennium Falcon and completing your mission. Don’t worry if you’re flying “Solo”- this is one of the few attractions that offers a single rider line.

2. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance


As the second ride addition to the new Star Wars land, this one is a little more intense and definitely unlike any of the other attractions at Disney World. After joining the Resistance you will find yourself having to battle for your life when your transport is captured by the First Order. Thankfully some familiar faces are along for the ride to help you take on not only the stormtroopers, but Kylo Ren himself! Made up of multiple different ride systems, you will feel like you are truly immersed in the full experience.

3. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster


This indoor, dark rollercoaster is currently the only attraction that goes upside down at Disney World, so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! Hop into a super stretch limousine and speed through Hollywood as you try to make it in time for Aerosmith’s huge concert. As you pass through iconic landmarks you will hear some of the band’s most classic songs. Between the 0 to 57 MPH in 2.8 seconds start, the two rollover loops and the corkscrew, this will hands down be your most intense ride of the day.

4. Tower of Terror


You’ve just crossed over intoThe Twilight Zone! Enter the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel if you dare and climb aboard the same rickety elevator that a group of hotel patrons disappeared from during a storm back in 1939. Venture deep into the darkness as you plummet up and down 199 feet at speeds up to 39 MPH. As the doors open catch views of the whole park as you fly out of your seat. 

5. Test Track


Do you have a need for speed? This attraction allows you to create your own car and run it through a series of tests including: capability, efficiency, responsiveness, and POWER! You car will launch onto an outdoor track accelerating up to 65 miles per hour, making this the fastest attraction not only in Epcot, but all of Disney World.

6. Mission: SPACE


If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be an astronaut, this is the ride for you! Take your role as either navigator, pilot, commander or engineer and board your space shuttle. As you speed through space executing your mission you will need to stay on track while navigating around meteorites. This is a simulator ride, so if you are easily queasy be sure to select the Green Mission over the more intense Orange Mission!

7. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


All Aboard! Climb into one of the Big Thunder Mining Company’s trains as you venture into an abandoned mine shaft. Zoom around the mountain and throughout the ghost town of Tumbleweed. Due to the high speed, bumpy features, moments in darkness and loud noises, this coaster provides more of a thrill than most of the other attractions at Magic Kingdom.

8. Space Mountain


While the Magic Kingdom park is typically geared towards the little ones with its character meet and greets and nostalgic Disney rides, Space Mountain is always the biggest hit with teenagers who are looking for a bit more of a thrill. Shoot off into space in this pitch black indoor rollercoaster ride which includes sharp turns and quick drops and jolts. This ride will definitely keep you on your toes! At 180 feet high and 300 feet wide, Space Mountain is actually one of the largest and tallest “mountains” in the state of Florida.

9. Expedition Everest


No matter how many times we ride this roller coaster, we are still blown away each and every time. The ride starts off by moving you slowly through the bottom of the mountain, gradually you’ll work your way up to the top..and what happens when you reach a broken track that leads to nowhere? This train will take you forwards and backward, with speeds up to 50 miles per hour, an 80-foot drop, and oh yeah- did we mention that you come face to face with a Yeti? This ride took six long years of planning and building, but it was definitely worth the wait and your teens will love it!

10. Avatar Flight of Passage


Last but not least, our absolute favorite attraction, Flight of Passage. This 3D flying simulator ride takes you through the beautiful  Pandora- the world of Avatar. While we wouldn’t catagorize this as a thrill ride like other attractions on this list, it will truly take your breath away with its incredible technology and visuals. From the different scents, the water and wind effects, and the amazing sensation of feeling your banshee breathing beneath you, this attraction is a must-do during your next Disney World visit. This attraction opened three years ago and still consistently has the longest wait time out of every attraction in Disney, we think that’s saying something!

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Planes, Trains, Automobiles (And Monorails) – What to Expect When Getting Around Orlando

Planes, Trains, Automobiles (And Monorails) – What to Expect When Getting Around Orlando

Planes, Trains, Automobiles (And Monorails) - What to Expect When Getting Around Orlando

Last Update: June 17th, 2020

We are thrilled that the theme parks and activities in Orlando are slowly opening and we are able to start building new and exciting memories for our families again. We wanted to put together a list of some of the most important new rules and procedures to ease your mind and ensure that your travels to and around the Orlando area are as safe, efficient, and as stress-free as possible! 

Orlando International Airport

In preparation for summer travel, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has been working closely with federal and local partners to carry out additional safety procedures and to observe any developments regarding COVID-19.

Some of the safety procedures that you can expect to see implemented in the airport are: 

  • Plastic guards at check-in, security, and in any shops/restaurants
  • All employees are required to wear masks and gloves as well as eye coverings in certain positions
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols 
  • Social distance markings on the floors
  • Signs displaying healthy travel tips and social distancing reminders 

For additional information please click here.

Florida Border Patrol

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has implemented check points for anyone traveling into Florida by roadway. A check point that was originally place on I-10 for guests traveling from Alabama to Florida has officially been lifted, but a check point placed on I-95 is still active.

All motorists traveling from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Louisiana are required to complete forms with their trip details and contact information. Individuals from these states are directed to quarantine for a 14 day period starting from the time of entry into Florida, or for the full length of time that each person is present in Florida (whichever period of time is shorter).


Transportation / Parking

Disney recently released an update regarding transportation. They have confirmed that the complimentary Magical Express buses will still be available for resort guests to take to and from the Orlando International Airport. 

Self parking will still be available at each of the parks and at all resorts. In order to enter one of the Disney resorts, guests must have a valid resort reservation or dining reservation. Valet parking will not be available, but special assistance will be accessible for guests with disabilities.  

In regards to transportation around Disney property, the shuttle buses, trams, boats, and monorails will all be running at limited capacity with social distancing measures in place. Please allow for extra travel time due to any delays.  

The Minnie Lyft Vans will be unavailable to guests upon reopening, but other options for transportation include Uber and Lyft or private transportation. Both Uber and Lyft have been working to ensure that all of their riders and drivers are as safe and healthy as possible.  

In the past, many of our My VIP Tour families have the pleasure of working with our transportation partner, Sohail and his team at JLS Exclusive Transportation. His services can be used for traveling to and from the airport and between hotel resorts and theme parks. Once Disney opens, they will have a better understanding of how things will operate in terms of logistics, but all drivers will be required to wear masks, and each vehicle will be sanitized between transfers. Due to this, it is recommended that your transfers are scheduled in advance, or you give them at least a full one hour notice of when you need to be picked up to avoid any delays.


Stroller Rentals

Our preferred stroller vendor, Orlando Stroller Rentals, have always done a wonderful job of making sure each and every one of their strollers are completely sanitized. Along with implementing their cleaning procedures (using only non-toxic cleaning products!) they have also been very accommodating to all guests who have needed to cancel or reschedule their reservations.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our families are having the absolute best and safest experience. We will be updating you along the way with any changes in policies or safety procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. We can’t wait to welcome you all back to Orlando!

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Packing for Disney – 5 Things to Pack and 5 to Skip

Packing for Disney – 5 Things to Pack and 5 to Skip

Packing for Disney - 5 Things to Pack and 5 to Skip

Throughout my life, I have been a notorious over-packer. Whether it is for a week long trip or a quick weekend getaway, our suitcases are always overflowing with things that I just can’t decide if we’ll need or not (usually, we don’t)!

Thankfully, the one place I seem to get it right is Disney. No-one wants to start their vacation to the Most Magical Place on Earth, by lugging overweight suitcases through the airport. Below are my top 5 recommended things to pack that are worth the space, and 5 that you can skip.

5 Things to Pack

1. Reusable Face Masks

When the parks reopen on July 11th, Disney will be requiring all cast members and guests ages 2 and older to wear a face mask. This, along with other new protocols have been implemented to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. We say, if you have to wear a face mask, it might as well be a cute one! Shop Disney has released a variety of masks that come in fun themed 4 packs for $19.99. Ranging from Toy Story and Marvel to classic Disney characters and princess, you’ll have many cute styles to choose from. You can also find some adorable and less expensive options online via Etsy. If you are the creative type, you can learn how to make your own here! We would love to see your custom Disney masks!

2. Refillable Water Bottles

Not only is this an eco-friendly option to stay hydrated, it is a cost effective one too! A bottle of water purchased at one of the many snack carts and quick service restaurants in the park ranges from $2.50 – $3.50 a bottle. Buying water throughout the hot Orlando days can get expensive, at least $12.50 every time a family of 5 gets thirsty. Thankfully, Disney has water fountains all throughout the parks, and all quick service locations provide free cups of ice water. Keeping your refillable water bottle handy will keep you hydrated, and keep those dollars in your wallet!

3. Comfortable Shoes

The entire Walt Disney Resort is a whopping 40 square miles, as big as the city of San Francisco! Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park (Disney’s largest) comes in at over 400 acres alone. Needless to say, you and your family will getting plenty of steps in, and you do not want to have sore feet! My last trip to the Magic Kingdom I raked in almost 20k steps. It is tempting to pick a variety of cute shoes for your trip, but stick to what is comfortable for your time in the parks! 

4. Clothes for a Night Out

While in the parks, we always recommend being as comfortable as possible. It can get very hot, and you are doing a lot of walking, so you can never go wrong with air-wick shirts and shorts. However, there are so many fantastic restaurants on property that have a dress code that you do not want to miss out on! Signature Dining restaurants have a dress code which include khakis, slacks or dress shorts with a collared shirt for men, and capri’s, skirts, dress shorts or dresses for women. Jeans may work if they are clean and in good condition and sport coats are optional.

5. Disposable Poncho

With a trip to Florida, you are bound to get lots of Sunshine, but also lots of rain depending on the time of year that you visit. Florida receives up to 70% of its rainfall in the months of May – June. Thankfully, most Florida rainstorms end as quickly as they started, but if you do not come prepared, you will get wet! Instead of buying a poncho in the park, which you can purchase for around $10 per poncho, it’s smart to bring a pack of disposable ponchos with you which you can purchase for about $1 and throw away when you are done (instead of trying to store a wet poncho in your hotel room!).

5 Things to Skip

1. Large Wagon Strollers

While wagons can be tempting to bring as a way to transport snacks and toddlers alike, they have recently been banned from all Disney Parks. Most single and double strollers are permitted and they are much easier to maneuver through the crowds. Strollers and wagons larger than 31” (79 cm) in width and 52” (132cm) in length are not permitted. 

If you do not wish to pack your own stroller, you can rent one from a third party vendor such as Orlando Stroller Rentals to be delivered to your resort, or rent a stroller in the park each morning.


2. Loose Ice and Large Coolers

Just like strollers, Disney has recently put size constraints on coolers as well. Coolers can be no larger than 24x15x18 and cannot be filled with loose ice. Bringing your own snacks and food into the park is allowed, however, you will want to make sure you can keep it in a smaller cooler with ice packs.

For guests who need a larger cooler for things like breast milk or medication, stop by the first aid and baby care stations which are located in each theme park for guidance. 

3. Selfie Sticks

Guests will have to be more creative when it comes to getting the perfect selfie, as selfie sticks are not allowed in the parks.  This is due to the danger they pose to guests trying to use them on high speed rides, and the potential for falls when guests are not paying attention to where they are walking. To get a great group photo, do not hesitate to go to any of the Disney PhotoPass cast members. Cast members can take your picture and link them to your My Disney Experience Account with a quick swipe of your magic band. They are also free to take photos on your personal cameras and phones as well.

4. Shampoo and Body Wash

I have found that the quickest way to put your luggage over the maximum 50 pounds an airline allows is to fill it with bath products! Thankfully, Disney has equipped every resort bathroom with shampoo, conditioner and body wash from their H2O plus hair and body care line. The Sea Salt and Sea Marine (eucalyptus and aloe) scented products have become so popular, that you can purchase the whole extended line online at shopdisney.com


5. First Aid Items

As a mother of a 4 year old boy who might as well be just one scrape and bruise, it is tempting to pack first aid items wherever we go. To my relief, You can get many first aid items over the counter and some times for free at the first aid stations which are located within each park.

24 hour in-room medical care is also available at each Disney Resort all by clicking the “front desk” button on your in room phone.

 Packing for a vacation, especially when you are traveling with children is never an easy task, but hopefully this list will help you pack lighter and more efficiently. Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments what your must pack or must skip items are!


About Me 

Hi everyone! My name is Kara and I am so excited to help you plan a magical Disney vacation. My love of Disney started during my very first trip there in March of 1994. Disney quickly became my family’s “happy place”. There was never any question, when it was time for a vacation, we packed our bags and headed to the most magical place on on Earth. Nowadays, it is extra special for me to experience the Disney magic again through the eyes of my 4 year old son, Liam, and 2 year old daughter, Jennie. Seeing their eyes light up when Mickey and Minnie pass by and seeing their faces all sticky from Mickey ice cream bars make special memories that only Disney can bring. I can’t wait to help you build those memories together as a family!

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Instagram Tips for Disney World

Instagram Tips for Disney World

Instagram Tips for Disney World

If you’re traveling to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” then you probably want your photos to capture as much of that magic as possible. Thankfully, Disney World is covered with endless instagram-worthy photo backgrounds! In addition to the iconic landmarks at each park, there are also plenty of hidden gems like #DisneyWalls, which are beautifully painted murals or patterns. Below, we’ve come up with some of our favorite photo spots and handy tricks to add some pixie dust to your IG page.

Recommended Photo Spots

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle
This is probably the most popular photo spot at Disney World. Located right at the end of Main Street U.S.A., you won’t be able to miss it as soon as you enter the park!

Purple Wall
This famous wall is right at the entrance of Tomorrowland next to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and is the iconic wall that started the now popular #DisneyWall trend.

Holding Balloons
Secret tip: if you ask the cast members selling the giant Mickey balloons on Main Street U.S.A. if you can hold them for a picture they will let you! They will still keep a grip on them to ensure the balloons don’t fly away, but will step out of frame far enough to not be in your shot.

Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is equivalent to Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom and the main focal point of Animal Kingdom. Fun fact: there are over 300 animals carved into the bark!

Lion King Wall
Recently added after the new movie was released, this cute photo op depicts a savannah sunset and is located right by Tiffins and Nomad Lounge.

The exotic World of Avatar is full of unique and beautiful photo backdrops. Be sure to capture as much of the vibrant fauna and floating structures in the shot as possible!

Hollywood Studios

Millennium Falcon
The brand new Star Wars area, Galaxy’s Edge, is incredibly detailed and guaranteed to give you some amazing photos. The most popular spot, however, is in front of the giant Millennium Falcon located next to the ride queue.

Popcicle Wall
Toy Story Land is adorable and has plenty of popular photo ops, but if you’re looking for something more hidden check out the Popsicle Wall along the pathways as you exit Toy Story Mania.

Tower of Terror
Ever since they removed the giant Mickey Sorcerer’s hat, the Tower of Terror has taken over as the iconic landmark of Hollywood Studios. Even if you’re too scared to ride this spooky attraction, you can still take a photo in front of it!


Spaceship Earth
The famous, giant “golf ball” is a must for a picture when visiting this park. The unique, geosphere design makes for an interesting backdrop!

Fontana Di Nettuno
This beautiful fountain depicting Neptune is located in the Italy Pavilion and really completes the area. Throw in a coin and make a wish before striking a pose.

Bubblegum Wall
This colorful, geometric wall is located by Spaceship Earth. It’s simple in design but makes for a super cute background!


Know Your Angles

  •  Try to crop out as many of the other guests as possible. We know this is easier said than done, but interesting angles can definitely help! 
  • Be sure to focus on the composition and understand the rule of thirds. Turn on the gridlines in your phone’s camera settings and try to align the subject at the intersection of the dividing lines, or along one of the lines itself.

Try to Use Natural Light

  • Thankfully most of the best photo opportunities in the parks are outside and Florida is known for its sunny weather! Using natural light instead of flash usually leads to richer and brighter photos. 
  • Be mindful of shadows and how different times of day affect them.

Arrive Early
● Most guests arriving early to the parks are doing so for the rides, which means that areas for photos will be less crowded. Take advantage of this time to get as many shots in as possible before it fills up!

Plan Your Outfit
● If there’s a certain area in the park that you plan on posing in front of, color coordinate your outfit! This will make the photo more concise and be more appealing to the eye.

Use Props

  • Take advantage of props to add some excitement to the photo! 
  • Examples of this can be a new set of ears, a famous snack like a Mickey pretzel, or a lightsaber.

Utilize the Photographers
● If no one in your group is good at capturing the perfect pic, don’t worry! The parks are full of experienced photographers with professional cameras. There is usually a little bit of a line for these photo spots, however they can be worth the wait. You will have to pay for the photos unless you are a gold or platinum annual passholder.

Hopefully these photo spot ideas and tips prove to be helpful for your next trip to the parks! For more inspiration be sure to follow us on instagram, @MyVIPTour.

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